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Shrewsbury Sixth Form College Resit Form

This page is for current and previous students wanting to resit a module or linear subject at the college only (for non resit entries please contact the Examinatons Officer directly before the deadline). Please select the subject and unit you wish to resit (for linear subjects you can only select the subject as you must resit all examined components). Simply tick to select the items next to the cost. Once you have selected all your resits, the total cost will automatically be calculated. Once the form is fully completed you may proceed to the payment page. Please note that any non-examination component must have prior approval from the Subject teacher.

If you cannot find a unit, please contact the Examinations Officer

DEADLINE - 8th February 2019 4pm
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* Certification: If you are NOT taking this subject at A Level tick box
Please include any extra comments which are relevant to your application such as: if you believe you are entitled to Access Arrangements for exams:
* I have checked that the units and subjects I have selected are correct and I have verified these with my subject tutors. I understand that any error which later needs to be corrected may incurr an amendment fee.

Please complete the fields requested below. If you are requesting resits for more than one student, please submit separate orders for each student.

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