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2018 RESITS - Late (Double) Fees Saturday 17th February 2018

Very Late (Triple) Fees apply from Sunday 22nd April 2018

The preferred method of payment for examination re-sit fees is online using a debit or credit card, however you can also choose to pay at your local PayPoint store. Check stores local to your home for the PayPoint sign or click here for the PayPoint Agent Locator. Published payment deadlines apply to both online and PayPoint payments. Please keep all receipts - they are your proof of payment.


Please be sure that you correctly submit all required information to ensure we know exactly who you are, and what you are paying for. Remember that if you do not fill in ALL the required information, the re-sit(s) will NOT be entered and you may still be charged.

If you do not receive an email receipt your application has NOT been successful.

Please note that resit fees are non-refundable. Please check ALL details carefully BEFORE you apply and pay for your resits. If you do not receive an email receipt your application has NOT been successful. Please contact the Exams Officer for help (


Subject Subject code Unit name Exam board Fee
Art (BTEC) AR31 BTEC Art - Unit 1 Visual recording & Communication (L3) (CA) Edexcel 32
Art (BTEC) AR32 ABTEC Art - Unit 2 Critical and Contextual Studies in Art and Design (L3) (CA) Edexcel 32
Childcare (BTEC) CC3 Patterns of Child Development (L3) Edexcel 32
Film Studies 118101 Exploring Film Form - FM1 WJEC 25
Film Studies 118201 British and American Film - FM2 WJEC 25
Government & Politics GOVP1 People Politics and Participation Unit 1 AQA 25
Government & Politics GOVP2 Governing Modern Britain Unit 2 AQA 25
ICT 124101 Information Systems - IT1 WJEC 25
ICT 124201 Presenting Information Task - IT2 WJEC 25
Law LAW01 Law Making and the Legal System AQA 25
Law LAW02 The Concept of Liability AQA 25
Mathematics MD01 Decision 1 AQA 20
Mathematics MPC1 Pure Core 1 AQA 20
Mathematics MPC2 Pure Core 2 AQA 20
Mathematics MS1B Statistics 1 Option B (NB MS1B entry NOT SS1B) AQA 20
Mathematics (Further) MD02 Decision 2 AQA 20
Mathematics (Further) MFP1 Further Pure 1 AQA 20
Mathematics (Further) MM1B Mechanics 1 Option B AQA 20
Mathematics (Statistics) SS02 Statistics 2 AQA 22
Mathematics (Statistics) SS03 Statistics 3 AQA 22
Mathematics (Statistics) SS1B Statistics 1 Option B (NB SS1B entry NOT MS1B) AQA 22
Media Studies 129101 Media Representations and Responses - MS1 WJEC 25
Media Studies 129201 Media Production Processes - MS2 WJEC 25
Music Technology (BTEC) MT36 BTEC Music Technology - Unit 6 Daw Production (L3) (CA) Edexcel 32
Spanish SPA2T Oral Test (centre-conducted) AS Unit AQA 25
Spanish SPAN1 Listening, Reading & Writing AS Unit AQA 25
Spanish SPA4T Oral Test (centre-conducted) A2 Unit AQA 25
Spanish SPAN3 Listening, Reading & Writing A2 Unit AQA 25



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